At S Colllins & Son we strive every day to source and sell the best quality products for out customers- always fresh and locally produced. But it’s also all the other benefits and services available from our shop that we think made us Scotland’s Best Butcher. We’ve found our customers aren’t always aware of all of these, so we’ve compiled a “Did you know?” list to make sure you’re not missing out on any offers or complimentary services!

    1. WE will carry your bags to the car
    1. WE will deliver for Free
    2. WE can deliver nationwide next day
    3. WE offer a full money back guarantee
    4. WE only source locally Scotch Beef Lamb & Pork Guaranteed
    5. WE have a Gold Card Customer Reward programme
    6. WE can sharpen your knives for free
    7. WE can guarantee full product provenance
    8. WE have specially selected meat & BBQ packs
    9. WE make all our own sausages, burgers, kebabs & bakery products
    10. WE have a Slimming  & Ready TO Cook range

  • Recently launched customer Gold Card reward programme where customers can get vouchers up to £60 & that also involveslocal businesses
  • Recently won 3 Gold Medals at Scottish Federation Show
  • Have and in store bakery & also sell fish
  • Are independently audited to ensure Quality Meat, Quality Products, Quality Service & Quality Advice
  • Have website, Facebook (for news and latest offers), Twitter & BLOG
  • FREE steak sauce every Monday with our ‘Steak Night’
  • FREE spicy onions every Thursday with our ‘Indian Night’
  • FREE wine every day with our meal deals
  • weekly offers every Wednesday & Thursday

 We hope that reminded you of some of our perks that you weren’t using! If you already knew all this- well done! It means you’re getting the best out of shopping with us. See you at the shop!

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