Running with Diane Ramsay – The Routine

Running with Diane Ramsay – The Routine

Anyone who’s every tried to stay at the gym after January knows it can be tough. You just don’t want to spend any more time than you have to doing things that make you uncomfortable! But being a professional athlete, our Diane has to push past those thoughts and devlop a routine that not only is she comfortable with, but one that she can stick too! Let’s hear what she has to say:

Sleep, eat, work, train, eat, sleep, repeat! This is my daily routine in a nutshell. My life is always busy with work and training taking over most hours in my week so being organised definitely helps make it a bit easier. What also helps is having quick, simple, nutritious meals that can be cooked quickly – if I haven’t prepared anything in advance!

I recently purchased Lean in 15 by The Body Coach. This book is full of fast, tasty and simple meals that you will provide you a balanced healthy meal. My trial dish from the book this week was: Tomatoes, eggs and chorizo (found of page 72). So my attempt definitely doesn’t look like the sample one in the book but I’m sure it tasted equally as good! This meal had only just more than a handful of ingredients including: chorizo, eggs, tinned tomatoes and some chilli! Why not give it a try yourself and let us see the results?

egg chorizo diane ramsay

Looks… erm… delicious! ;)

Thanks for the update, Diane! Can’t wait to try out that recipe!

Check in next time for another update!

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