Running With Diane Ramsay – Variety In Training

Running With Diane Ramsay – Variety In Training

Training is obviously an important part for any athlete. But we are all just human, and we can get bored easily. Changing things up not only focuses your attention, but varying the stresses on the body during training can help improve preformances and overall fitness. Let’s see what Diane says:

Another week of cross training done but this week I’ve also managed to do a little bit of running too. Performance training is very much a lifestyle and routine and being injured upsets the whole thing. This week I’ve tried to find a new routine in cross training that is a bit more appealing to do! Varying training is really important to keep you interested and also challenge your body!

Great food is always important to keep being bored. A healthy and varied mealtime can be wonders for your body and mind!

My favourite meal this week has been Chicken Supremes in a Chorizo and tomato sauce. The chicken Supremes are such great quality and size that I make multiple portions of this and then split it up for lunch and dinner. It’s so handy to have meals made in advance when you have a busy lifestyle!

diane ramsay chicken chorizo dish resize

We’ve very proud to sponsor Diane and to supply the fantastic food items for her recipes!

Check in next time for another update!

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