Running With Diane Ramsay – Back To Basics

Running With Diane Ramsay – Back To Basics

Still battling for full fitness, Diane has been turning heads for more than the obvious reasons this week. Let’s see what she has to say this week:

After progressing the last few weeks, I’ve had to back off running again because I’m still having issues with my knee. This is really frustrating because I felt I was making good progress. However, no running doesn’t mean no training! I’m still working hard in the pool to keep my fitness up. This week I have done some really hard pool sessions like intervals. 1 minute of pushing hard, 30 seconds of rest. The set is repeated until I can’t continue anymore! Doing these short fast bursts work your legs and lungs hard and make you breath quite heavy, resulting in some funny looks in the pool!

We saw a short clip of Diane training last wee in the pool. Click here to see that post!

But what are you eating this week, Diane? I bet it’s tasty!

By the time it gets to Friday or Saturday night and everyone else is talking about takeaways and fast food, I find making my own curry a good compromise. I don’t eat rice but will substitute it with cauliflower rice, grate cauliflower and boil the same way you would rice. It’s a great alternative and works well with a curry just like normal rice. My curry is pretty basic and so quick to make- chicken, tomatoes, garam masala, tikka, onions and mango chutney. Sometimes I’ll mix some greek yogurt through it if I’ve added too much spice!

diane ramsay curry

Oh that does seem strange! Well, athletes are always full of suprises! We may have to grab that recipe for cauliflower rice curry and put it on our own page!


Thanks again to the wonderful Riane Ramsay! Check back in soon for another update!

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