Weekly Family Meal Boxes

Weekly Family Meal Boxes

Planning meals for your family can be a little hectic at times. With this in mind, let us give you a little hand with some suggestions from our store with the Family Meal Planner Boxes!


Our standard medium sized Family Meal Planner box includes:

• 4 Chicken Supremes
• 4 Beef Olives
• 4 Ashet Pies
• 700grms Steak Mince
• 400 grms Pork Links
• 900 grms Silverside Roast

A delicious selection of our finest beef, chicken, sausage and bakery! It’s perfect for a familiy of 4!

Click here to see this product in our store!

We also offer a smaller box ideal for 2 people, and a much larger box for a family of 5!

You won’t be disappointed with this on your plate!



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