Have A Very Merry Christmas!

Have A Very Merry Christmas!

A short Christmas message from us:


Christmas is a time where people can come together and celebrate each other. We all have that group of people that we love, and even in times when we feel most down, they are there to pick us up. Christmas is a time to thank these people for being in our lives, and to thank them we stuff them full of great tasting food! =)


Christmas is also a time for giving. We fully believe that our world needs more acts of generosity, acts of kindness, acts of mercy. Some terrible things have happened in recent memory, but Christmas is a time where we can all let go of negative emotions and come together in friendship and happiness. We embrace this idea at S Collins & Son and will continue our support for local charities, local communities and the great foundations of change in the years to come.


We just wanted to wish everyone, our customers, our staff, our suppliers, our friends, our relatives and most of all YOU, a very merry Christmas!

Thank you and have a great time!

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