Winners of Scottish Butcher Shop of the Year 2020!  

Staff Training Success!

Staff Training Success!

By law, all food handlers in the retail industry must ensure that the food they sell to customers is safe to eat.

A Level 2 Food Hygiene and Safety for Retail course ensures that the participants are fully up to date with food hygiene legislation and can understand how to handle, prepare and serve food safely so as to prevent contamination, keep themselves and their premises clean and manage stock control processes effectively.

We here at S Collins & Son take Health and Safety very seriously. We take pride in our A+ rating from the Butchers Q Guild, and are dedicated to ensuring that the food our customers have to purchase and eat is up to the highest standards.

It’s great news then that three of our younger staff members this month passed their Level 2 Food Safety for Retail! Congratulations to Jessica, Cameron and Grant for qualifying and getting their certificate!

lv2 food retail 2

Group shot!

lv2 food retail cameron

Cameron and Stewart

lv2 food retail grant 

Grant and Stewart

lv2 food retail jessica

Jessica and Stewart


Congratulations again to our staff members for all their hard work!

For more information, please visit the Royal Society for Public Health page here.

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