Cash for Kids 2017

Cash for Kids 2017

If you haven’t seen our new Christmas Hampers, you really should give them a look! We’ve got different prices and sizes to make sure you have all you need for a perfect family feast!

Click Here to have a look at the S Collins & Son 2017 Christmas Brochure!

But the best thing about buying one of our hampers is that you’ll also be helping out a local charity! This year, we’ve teamed up again with Cash4Kids Clyde to make sure that £5 off every hamper we sell is going to charity! So when you’re around the Christmas Table, you’ll know you helped a child enjoy their Christmas a little more too!


Cash for Kids Clyde is the the oldest broadcast children’s charity in Scotland, with 34 years since they began. Their objective is simple: to support the most vulnerable children in our communities who are the innocent victims of the growing epidemic of Child Poverty. You can find out more about them on their website.

Thank you!

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