Chef Adrian’s Spring Rolls


Once you get the hang of rolling these beauts you will make them more than once a week.

They are also great on a cold winter for lunchtime. The spice really does warm you up. The purpose of the salsa is too cool the palate if you don’t like your food too spicy.


What you will need


1 pound of S Collins & Son Steak mince

1/2 red pepper diced finely

1tsp of grated ginger

1tbsps of cumin

1tbsps of tumeric

1 beaten egg (for egg washing)

1 pack of spring roll wrappers (or filo pastry if you can’t get spring roll wrappers)

For this recipe you will need the deep fat fryer. If you don’t have one you can use a saucepan of sunflower oil but be very careful.

For the salsa

1 large orange peeled, segmented and diced

Small bunch of thyme roughly chopped.

To serve

hot sauce

Cooking Method

  1. Firstly get the mince and cook out in a saucepan.Season well.
  2. Prepare your veggies by dicing the pepper and grating the ginger. For the salsa segment peel the orange with a knife and segment it and dice it. Now in a bowl mix the orange with the thyme and allow to infuse
  3. Mix in the red pepper, ginger and spices into the mince.
  4. Assemble the spring roll by filling, tucking in the edges and egg washing so it sticks. Double wrap the spring roll if you are afraid of it bursting in the fryer. Cook off for 2-3 minutes in the deep fat fryer or saucepan until golden in colour.

Serve by slicing at an angle with a serrated edged knife and stand them up on a nice plate or platter. Spoon on the salsa and enjoy. Decorate your platter nicely with the hot sauce if you like.