Multiple Award-Winning Butcher

S. Collins & Son is a multiple, award-winning butcher that has not only had many of our products recognised at national awards ceremonies, but the staff within the business, have also won many awards and accolades over the years.

The business as a whole has also been recognised, most recently picking up the coveted title of ‘2022 Butcher Shop of the Year for the UK’ at the Butcher Shop of the Year awards, which was a very proud moment for everyone involved in the business.

Award Winning Products

To make our award-winning products easier to spot for customers we have put a small icon of an award cup next to them on the individual and group product pages of our website. So, why not try them the next time you are ordering from us and you can see why they have won the awards that they have. 

We enter new and existing products into awards competitions all the time so look out for announcements in our latest news and on our social media channels and we’ll keep you up to date as to how our award entries have done.

Memberships & Accreditations

One way of being able to clearly recognise that you are buying from a premium butcher is to look at the memberships and accreditations that they have from national bodies.

At S. Collins & Son we are proud to be members of a number of national bodies such as; Scottish Craft Butchers, Q Guild and Salsa Accreditation to name but a few. Gaining the recognition of bodies like these is something that as a business we are extremely proud of. A lot of hard work has gone into gaining the accreditation and recognition of these bodies, in order to ensure that we meet the necessary criteria required.

Butcher Shop of the Year

What Do Our Customers Think

Awards are of course nice and they play an important part in highlighting the quality of our products and the skills of our workforce, however one thing that we are extremely proud of as a business is what our customers say about us.

To this end, and working with independent customer feedback specialists Feefo, we are able to ask every customer who has placed an online order with us to rate the general aspects of our business as well as the individual products that they have purchased from us.

We have also created ways that our in-store customers can generate customer satisfaction feedback and let us know what they think of our in-store shopping experience. We are delighted to report that feedback for both our online customers and our in-store customers is extremely positive, but don’t worry, we are not a business to rest on our laurels and we will continue to seek ways that we can enhance our offering and provide our customers with a great shopping experience.