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A Great Alternative For Dinner, That’s Quick & Easy To Make!

When it comes to mealtime for the family sometimes it’s nice to have a dish up your sleeve that provides the family with all the essential nutrients that they need, whilst at the same time being a cost-effective and easy to make option…and that’s where beef casseroles come in.

There are literally hundreds of casserole recipes, that have been passed down through the generations, that range from the traditional ones to the more modern alternatives. The great thing about a casserole is pretty much anything goes, and you can put in ingredients that you and your family like and are specific to your tastes, whether it’s vegetables, spices, herbs and what meat option you prefer.

As well as being great for casseroles our Stewing Steak is also an essential ingredient in a homemade Steak Pie. Just like the casseroles though, you can also put your own individual twist on your steak pie, and some customers even use stout and heavy beers to flavour their homemade dish.

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