Bavette Steak


Beef & Black Bean


Beef & Onion Sliced Sausage


Beef Black Garlic Kebab


Beef Bourgignon


Beef Curry


Beef Hough


Beef Link Sausage


Beef Olives


Beef Round Sliced Sausage


Beef Short Ribs


Beef Short Ribs


Beef Sliced Square Sausage


Beef Stroganoff


Beef Teryaki Kebab


Beef Wellington


Beer & Mustard Frying Steak


Fresh Butcher’s Beef

At S. Collins & Son we offer our customers a terrific range of different beef products, which can be air fried, pan fried, grilled or cooked in an oven.

Whether you are looking for something special like a steak for a birthday or anniversary meal, a mouth-watering roast for a Sunday dinner or burgers that are always a big hit with the ‘little’ and ‘big kids’ in the family, you’ll not be disappointed at the wide selection of products that we provide.

We also have a wide variety of beef products like kebabs, sausages and ready meals and we are expanding our range all the time. In total, we now have over 100 different beef products that are available to our online and in-store customers.

Our skilled and knowledgeable team members are always on hand to answer your questions and only too happy to make recommendations as to the products we sell. Thank you once again for choosing to shop with S. Collins & Son and don’t hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions.

Did You Know? At S. Collins & Son all the products we sell are of the highest quality and all are backed by our trusted, no quibble, money back guarantee.