At S Collins & Son, Voted Best Butcher in Scotland, we have been working hard to improve our repeat business and customer loyalty.

As a fellow business owner, you’ll know how important it is to get people who shop at other businesses in the area, to visit yours. The challenge is that most people stop, shop at one or several businesses and leave without coming near yours.

We want to give our customers rewards & gifts from other successful businesses.

At S Collins & Son, we have set up a Gold Card Loyalty Programme club.  At present we have over 8000 members. We want our customers to value the card and talk to their friends, who’ll want to join as well. So where do you come in?…

We’re hoping you will come up with a permanent or even one-off incentive for our Gold Card members to shop with you. It might be a discount or added value in some way. If it’s a ‘one-off’ incentive, it might be a gift cheque or voucher that they need to redeem at your business.

We’ll send each new Gold Card member an info kit when they join. That kit will include a profile on your business and your offer for them.

So how do you benefit?


  • When our Gold Card members visit your business you will have the opportunity to impress them and get them to come back over and over again; you will have NEW customers;
  • Your marketing material such as brochures will go in the Gold Card membership kit;
  • We will be on the ‘Gold Card’ businesses’ list, on display in our store & online;
  • When we pro-actively market our Gold Card programme, your business will be included in the information;

Please click here & ask for details. It’s quick , simple & easy


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