Muscle Building Protein Pack!

Muscle Building Protein Pack!

For those who want to bulk up, there’s nothing better and purer than the good, old fashioned protein packed diet. Giants like The Rock, Arnie, Hafthór “Thor” Björnsson from Game of Thrones and many more bulk up with protein. Protein is made up of amino acids which are the building blocks of muscle, so your gains in the world are enhanced by the gains on your plate!

We offer two different protein packed boxes: Regular and a Large option!

Both boxes contain in varying amounts:

• Chicken Supremes
• Chicken Mince
• Turkey Mince
• Turkey Escalopes
• Extra Large Free Range Eggs
• Steaklet Burgers

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As the man himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, says, “Come with me if you want to lift!”

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