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Running With Diane Ramsay – Dealing With Injuries

Running With Diane Ramsay – Dealing With Injuries

Diane Ramsay: Runner extrodinaire! But sometimes, an injury can happy and it can be really annoying! So let’s hear what Diane has to say about this:
Being injured as an athlete isn’t an ideal situation and it’s very easy to become demotivated as cross training isn’t what you want to do. As a runner I want to run; but at the moment I’m stuck doing other forms of training to keep my fitness up until I can run again.
My injury is healing slowly but this week I will returning to some light running drills (technical running style movements) whilst keeping up aqua jogging and circuits. Pictures! The first is my kettle bell I use for circuits and secondly my aqua jogging belt for the pool.
diane ramsay kettleball diane ramsay aerobics utility
Really interesting to get an athletes perspective on these things! But what about food?
One thing I can maintain and control when injured is my diet as it also assists the recovery of an injury. My favourite meal of the day is breakfast. I normally eat an egg based breakfast with some spring onions, peppers and spinach cooked and mixed through. The picture is the breakfast I eat most days as it’s quick to make and gets all the right nutrients in first thing in the morning- scrambled eggs with the veg and some cooked ham for extra protein.
diane ramsay protein breakfast
Looks great! Maybe we’ll nab you for a recipe! =)
Check back soon for another update from our sponsored runner, Diane Ramsay!


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