Running With Diane Ramsay – Quick Training and Quicker Meals!

Running With Diane Ramsay – Quick Training and Quicker Meals!

Surely everyone has a busy life these days. With plenty going on to take up your time each day, finding the time for the important things becomes a priority! Let’s see what our runner has to say!


Like most people, I always feel really busy and don’t really stop until I get home from training at night. On Wednesdays, I do a quick training session which is great for a mid week refresh and means I have more time to cook dinner too. The training is a 12 minute circuit which gets you breathing heavy and whole body working in a short period of time. The video and picture show the during and after effect of the session!


Making a stir fry is so quick and easy and you can add all the leftover veg you have so for me, it’s a great meal! I normally use beef stew as the protein for the meal as it’s a great way to use of traditional cut of meat. Courgettes, peppers, mushrooms, onions and broccoli are the usual veg that I’ll throw into the pan to make it a colourful dish!



Thanks again to the wonderful Riane Ramsay! Check back in soon for another update!

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