S Collins & Son BBQ Week 2017!

S Collins & Son BBQ Week 2017!

Put it in your diary then dust down the BBQ! The S Collins & Son BBQ Week starts Monday 5th June through to Sunday 11th June, and we’ve got some fantastic offers, tips and more to make sure you’ve got it all to impress everyone!

For the entire month of June, this offer is sure to get you fired up!

Buy 4 Steaklet Burgers, get 4 FREE!*

steaklet burger

A delicious 3oz burger that’s 100% ground beef with a hint of onion. Juicy and tasty, perfect for the BBQ or a fry-up! See more here!


In addition to that brilliant offer, we’ve got a whole bunch of money saving Butcher’s Boxes, from feeding two, more or even a full family!


We’ve also got a bunch of tips and tricks from experts for making sure your BBQ is the best it can be!

BBQ is not a race against time, so don’t grill too quickly or on too high a heat as this causes food to burn on the outside whilst being under cooked in the middle. The trick is to ‘sear on high’ and then take it ‘low and slow’. It helps if the grill-bars are well oiled, but don’t turn food to often as this reduces heat.

To read more, click this link!

burger on the bbq

Thanks and we hope you all have a fantastic week!


*To qualify for the offer, purchase of any product from our BBQ range (excluding burgers)

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