S Collins and Son are famous for their sauces and bangers manufactured at their Lanarkshire shop. 
The 30 year old firm has picked up award after award for it’s sausages – and pies too!! 
But don’t expect Mr Collins, Senior or Junior to let you in on the secret ingredients behind their winning recipes. 
And as a boost to local farmers – most of the meat served up is locally sourced and 100% SCOTTISH!!! 
One of the city’s most famous butcher’s S Collins & Son of Muirhead isn’t surprised to see a boom and a renewed interest in the industry. 
”Whether or not it is to do with the recommendations of celebrity chefs or the heightened public awareness, but we are finding a lot of younger people coming in and making orders. 
”If your’e a young person you then you can come in here and order one steak, or get something cut your way, or get a smaller amount of something which you can’t at the supermarkets. 
A larger part of our customer base is older customers who have been coming in for years. 
”They come in, they know everyone, we know their regular order and there is some chat and a friendly face. 
”And for any and every customer, I think coming to a butcher is a special experience. And that’s where you see the importance and skill of a butcher. We can tell them, where their meat comes from, and how they can best use their meat!!! YOU CAN’T GET THAT FROM A SUPERMARKET

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