Enjoy Monday’s now with our new ‘STEAK NIGHT’.
Our Monday Steak Menu consists of Entrecote, Rib-Eye, Filet Mignon & T-Bone steaks all at a superb SET PRICE.
Also if you BUY 2 Steaks you will receive a FREE Steak sauce!!
This is why S Collins & Son Steaks are so good!!!! All steaks are locally sourced from Morgan’s Farm of Condorrat.
The beef produced from these rich and fertile grazing pastures of the North Lanarkshire countryside is sublime.
S. Collins & Son steaks are 100% traceable.
Our steaks are dry aged for a minimum of 18-21 days allowing the beef to mature for taste and tenderness, before being trimmed and hand cut by our skilled team of Master Butchers to create the perfect steaks for you!!

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