With Father Day’s almost here, you have the perfect opportunity to spend some  quality time with your family- it seems there’ll even be the weather for it! The only thing that can put a damper on the day is the question of what to get your dad if you think he’s tired of the usual tie or socks. Well, we may have an answer for you!  We’re now storing 3 amazing Barbecue Packs, starting at only £10 which we think would make most dads pretty happy! If you think he’d like something different, you can always buy him our Weekend Meal Deal with a FREE bottle of wine!! Great offer and great integrated value, only available on Saturday.

Rather than going for a gift he’ll look at once and never use, S Collins & Son’s suggestion containing a variety of delicious products to go on the grill is a great start for an amazing family meal. Containing everything from classic burgers to sausages and kebabs, the packs are bound to please the whole family and make sure your dad gets all the credit!

 To complete the gift, you could add a gift voucher from our shop, as well as s free brochure detailing all the different beef cuts to help make the best choice.  All products are responsibly sourced locally, and for extra thoughtfullness points you could even apply for the shop’s loyalty programme and get a free Gold Card in his name in case he likes the shop!

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