One of the most rewarding things when you’re running a local shop is receiving confirmation that your products and recipes are top quality. We want to keep pushing ourselves forward and keep at the top of our game, which is why we try to enter quite a few competitions every year. We’ve posted our most important successes up on the website (, so you can be kept up to date with our products that are recognised nationally.

On May 12 we received 3 gold awards at The Scottish Federation Meat Trade Fair in Perth for our New Ultimate Burger, Chicken Cushion and Chicken Lattice. Every single of these products won against fierce competition from all across Scotland, so we hope the next time you go to the shop you’ll want to try them. This is the latest from a series of prizes that encourage us in putting more work in and show us having high standards for our products is rewarded in the industry, but the most important thing for our business is still that our customers try our products and come back.

That’s why we hope all this talk of prizes and awards doesn’t put you off- we won’t let it all get to our heads! We just want you to know we strive to be the best every day, for every product we offer, in terms of quality as well as value for money. But at the end of the day, it’s still you and not a jury who decides if we’ve succeeded!

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