First of all, sorry we’ve been gone for so long! We thought we should give you all a chance to enjoy the summer and not impose on anyone’s tanning breaks :)

So, after a bit of a holiday we’re continuing our mission to get better acquainted by introducing you to some other members of our wonderful team.Iain and Christine are two of the people who make our work enjoyable and take great care of our customers- here’s a little about them.

Iain Simpson (left) is one of our newer staff members. He’s been with us since February 13 and seems to like it here, so we’re hoping for a long partnership. From Arbroath, Iain has three lovely kids.  Aidan’s 7, Steven is 5 and tiny Leah is only 9 months old, which makes peace and quiet a prized asset for the grown-ups! Iain’s getting ready for an October wedding- with any luck we’ll post photos of the cake!

Christine Lafferty describes herself as “crabbit as 40 cats!!” but we know the truth- she’s lovely to be around. That’s why she’s been working with us for more than 2 years.

Christine (right), 40 years old , is a Glenboig woman and proud :) When she’s not spending time with her 13 year old daughter Jordyn (yeah, she’s hitting that age…) Christine loves watching soaps, listening to the radio and burning just as many hours on Facebook as the rest of us! She’s also got a dog called Missy that she’s crazy about!

That’s a little bit  more about our family! We’ll try to introduce them all to you sooner rather than later, but we’d really like to hear a bit about yourselves. So got to the comment sections and share a little! How do you relax after work? What are your favourite tv programmes? Do your kids drive you just a little bit crazy sometimes? :) Go ahead, we won’t tell anyone!

See you at the shop!



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