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Pink Friday 25th October – Help Us Raise £1000 for Breast Cancer Support

Pink Friday 25th October – Help Us Raise £1000 for Breast Cancer Support

Every October, we all have a chance to get together in the fight against breast cancer. Pink Day 2013 is happening on the 25th of this month, and the Wear It Pink campaign is the perfect opportunity to get involved!Some people are raising money and some are creating awareness, but we can all help out in our own way. A great example of this is S Collins & Son. The family-run butcher shop based in Glasgow decided it was time to take action and join Pink Day this year. So they’re going to put on their dashing pink aprons and try to sell as many Full Beef Lorne Sausages as possible! Usually costing £8.79, the Pink Friday price is only £7, with £1 off every product sold going towards breast cancer research and support! 

It’s a sad reality of our day that 1 in 8 women are still being diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetimes. But the shop’s initiative, along with others like it, remind us that we can do a lot of good as a community, as long as we all pull together. So on Friday the 25th, throw on something pink and show your support! After all, look how great those aprons look! 

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