The year’s tastiest celebration is here! All through next week, butchers, cooks and meat producers around the country will be celebrating the British Sausage week- and we’re among them!

Our surprise offer for the occasion is   a 27% save on the usual price of the Beef Lorne sausage. It’s one of our customer favourites and  will only cost £7.50 and for the whole duration of the week.

If you needed a reason to try out our fantastic range of sausages, next week’s the perfect chance. Work your way through the traditional slices and links, have a taste of the award winning pork and leek sausages and,  if you’re feeling adventurous, give the sweet chili or whisky and haggis delicacies a try.

The British Sausage Week is the time to celebrate our local meat industry to keep delivering healthy, tasty products. To make the most out of next week, be on the lookout for events and offers happening near you and check out the recipes on the official website! They’ve got some delicious suggestions!

Come to the shop next week to celebrate with us!

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