Only days till Christmas! Have you decided what you’re cooking? Or are you going to a massive family dinner party and leaving the stress for the host? In either case, our Christmas Hampers are perfect to relieve the holiday stress. With enough variety to please any family members and using only the highest quality meat, all of our three Christmas hampers can feed up to nine or ten people.

Our Deluxe, Boneless and Connoisseur Hampers all contain such surprises as a roasting salmon cut joint, a one kilogram gammon joint, cranberry sauce and the shop’s own pork and apple stuffing, along with many others. All the hampers are certain to make any Christmas meal impressive. If that’s not enough to convince you, we’ve thrown in a free bottle of wine with any hamper you buy. And because we know celebrating Christmas is, unfortunately, a privilege, we’re donating £5 off every hamper you buy to Cash for Kids, a Scottish charity aiming to help provide support to children in need.

Along with our hampers, we have plenty of new, festive products that are waiting to be bought, along with our old popular standards if you want something you’re sure you’ll love. You can find all the information in the Christmas brochure on our website. There’s something for everyone’s Christmas table in our shop- if you’re not sure what, just ask for our help! See you soon!

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