A new supplier in the meat sector has recently announced the release of a new gluten-free mix for sausages. The complaint they are trying to address with the new mix, which will add “real flavour back into the gluten-free arena” and give the sausages “a great visual appearance too, either raw or cooked, with just the right amount of real cracked black pepper pieces”  may be relevant when talking about supermarket- bought gluten free products. But here at S Collins & Son you don’t need to wait for any industry innovations to taste delicious gluten-free sausages, along with many other delicious products.  Our gluten-free range boasts our own make of beef sausage, black pudding, pork links, burgers and many more treats for those who want or need a gluten-free diet! So don’t compromise on taste and don’t wait for the next thing to be discovered to be able to enjoy your favourite meat products! Browse our gluten-free range and enjoy them today! (click here to view)

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