Many award ceremonies strive to look for the best Scottish businesses. Local butcher S Collins & Son is no stranger to awards, with a collection boasting over 46 national prizes from around the country. However rewarding it is to have their products judged and praised by professionals, the biggest surprise for S Collins & Son this year was a new, unexpected distinction.


Coming from the Scottish Independent Retail Awards, the title of Butcher Shop of the Year for the South-West of Scotland was a hugely gratifying surprise for the company after finding out the nominations and votes come exclusively from customers. No professional judges are involved, only the local communities to which these companies belong. The awards are decided based on the most votes and are meant to give a platform to the local communities from which to voice their admiration and loyalty to their independent retailer of choice.


Stewart Collins, the owner, was as surprised as anyone when finding out about the awards: “We enter many competitions, but this really came out of nowhere. I was so pleased because it means people really think our products and services are superior, and our staff are doing their job to perfection!” said the owner, who is already busy preparing special offerings for the spring season.


Local businesses often go unnoticed in the shade of supermarkets, but it seems customers never forget to reward great quality and service.


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