Chef Adrian Martin

chef adrian

For over 36 years local butcher shop S Collins & Son have made it their goal to provide the highest quality and varied range of local produce. Stewart Collins, the shop’s managing partner, has made it no secret that he cares as much about the quality of the shop’s products and service as he cares about making a contribution to the community to which he owes his success.


This, along with wanting to promote healthy cooking in the local community, are the chief reasons why 6 local schools will be treated to expert cooking demos from the 15th to the 17th of June. The demos will be entirely free or the schools, S Collins & Son having invited a professional TV chef Adrian Martin to carry them out for the children, parents and staff. These educational and engaging demos are hoped to help give the kids and parents some ideas for fun, healthy meals made with fresh ingredients.


With a focus on healthy eating and local produce, these demos will be a unique opportunity for school children to try out something different right on their doorstep.

More details to follow…….

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