Firstly may we all at S Collins & Son thank you for completing our customer survey.

At S Collins & Son, what we care most about is our reputation with our customers. What you think of our products, service and innovations makes or break our business. This is why S Collins & Son uses regular customer surveys in order to measure our customers’ satisfaction and to hear your suggestions. With well over 200 responses, this year’s survey was one of our most popular and the feedback from it has been so overwhelmingly positive that we were taken aback.  In the following paragraphs we will present the main findings to our survey questions and detail actions we will take to improve our shop.

Some of the most important questions of the survey were related to the overall satisfactions customers had with S Collins & Son. We were thrilled to discover a whopping 95% of our respondents described themselves as very satisfied, with no customers describing themselves as not satisfied. In a similar vein, all of the respondents described our products as being either very high quality (75%) or high quality (25%) and the words people associated with our shop most were “high quality”, “reliable” and “unique”. The percentage of people describing themselves as “very likely” to purchase our products again was 90%. These were very satisfying results, proving that most of our customers are happy with our efforts to always keep the quality of our products as high as possible.

80 % of our respondents believed we offer “above average” value for money, and the majority of the respondents were loyal customers who have shopped with us for over 3 years (51%), but our business also proved to attract new customers (20%).

In terms of recommendations, 89% were very likely to recommend S Collins & Son to a friend. Our customer service quality, which we pride ourselves on, was believed to be superior to all our competitors by 94% of those surveyed, and we compared better in terms of value for money as well, with 77% of respondents believing the S Collins & Son offering superior.

While finding out what we are doing well is incredibly rewarding and help us keep providing great products, we think the most important parts of surveys come with suggestions for improvement. Most respondents (78%) said the only thing our competitors had that we did not was better parking. Other customer suggestions for improvement were related to offering cheaper products, increasing convenience, more special offers, introducing a late-night opening, a bigger shop and more information on click-and-collect.  When asked what we could improve on, respondents also mentioned an improved queuing system, nutritional information, more family meals and slimming meals, starting a Children’s Range, use-by dates and a bigger shop.

When asked about the things we do best, the most popular aspects were customer service, product quality, our staff, the steaks, ready meals and low-fat range as well as our presentation.

As a result of this extended survey, we have put together a series of actions we want to take in order to continue improving our shop.

The most common suggestion had to do with the price of some of our products, and while quality is the first and foremost goals for us, we have put together an action plan to try to gradually lower core prices throughout our range without compromising on quality.

In terms of better parking, we are making every effort to improve this and have contacted the council as well as the new local MP Philip Boswell

We will also offer new, weekly family boxes and look into solutions for a better queuing system and more space in the shop. Last, but not least, we will be implementing a late night slot for click & collect, meaning we will stay open until 6.30pm on Thursdays and Fridays.

Customer satisfaction is the only thing that can secure the success of a business. We owe all of our success to our customers, and this is why we will always ask for your opinions and suggestions and do our best to implement them in our shop. Many thanks again to everyone who participated. See you at the shop!

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