The Summer is near meaning only one thing, BBQ Season has arrived!

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There are plenty of good things about summer, but dusting off the barbecue has to be the top one. And there’s no better way of telling BBQ season is back than looking for Scotland’s biggest BBQ competition! The results are in from the Regional Heat Competition and the winners are your safe bet for great BBQing this summer.

Perhaps the most impressive of the participants, Muirhead-based S Collins & Son managed to get a silver medal for their burgers and two gold medals for their steak and sage and onion sausage before snatching the overall win in 2 categories! That means that whenever you’ll be buying S Collins & Son’s chicken burger and pork sausage you’ll be getting the absolute best in the region. Not too shabby for only one shop!

With the final taking place on 31st May at the Windmill Village Hotel in Coventry,England.

So whenever you’re planning for a barbecue this summer and thinking what to pick, consider your local butcher over the supermarket. You’ll have a guarantee for quality.


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