Ideally we’d all have cooked meals every night. They taste better and they’re far healthier than any supermarket ready-made. But we all know coming home from work to plan, make and serve a meal isn’t always going to happen. That’s why we’ve tried to make your job easier by putting together Family Planner boxes. Containing everyone’s favourite healthy dishes, they’ll make the task of making the whole family happy with their meal so much easier.

And, between chicken supremes, pork links, beef olives, mince and silverside roast there’ll be something to please even the pickiest! We have planner boxes in small, medium and large sizes to make sure we can fit your needs, and the best thing about it is you can browse and order them online without wasting any time. So have a look and make your food planning for the week easier and cheaper- and don’t forget to let us know your favourites! 

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