Why not make Monday night ‘Steak Night’
with our range of mouth-watering steaks & a FREE steak sauce!!

Our all-time customer favourite offer is here to stay! Every Monday, buy any 2 of our fresh, juicy steaks at a reduced price and receive FREE steak sauce to accompany them for the perfect Monday Night dinner! Enjoy our carefully selected sirloin, rib-eye, T-bone or fillet steaks with your choice of sauce! And if you need any help with recipes (click here)  or cooking hints and tips, you’ll find plenty of information on our website and Pinterest Steak Night board!

Also known as sirlion, this steak remains one of our most popular. Cut from the heart of the loin, this steak is lightly marbled,producing a steak packed with flavour.

FILET MIGNON 2 for £14

The pièce de résistance of our steak range,the fillet is carved from the sirlion and the Mignon cut from the centre of the fillet.This steak continues to be our most popular!

RIB-EYE 2 for £11
This steak has gained in popularity over recent years. A tasty and tender steak, the ribeye offers the great texture of fine steak, has more marbling and a nugget of fat in the centre that ensures a succulent steak with intense flavour.

T-BONE STEAK – 2 for £19
Cut from the middle of the short loin, the T-Bone is a classic cut of prime beef. The T-Bone combines two steaks in the one – the flavoursome Entreôote on the one side of the ‘T’ and a tender Filet Mignon on the other, offering the best of both steaks.

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